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404 Group is a handful of companies united by a single strategic management centre and a proactive mentoring institute.

Applying their technical and managerial expertise, the team behind 404 Group provides financial, operational and executive support during the establishment, launch and further growth of Internet-based projects. The three main pillars of the Group’s strategy are the following:

  • discovering and attracting of talented teams, new projects and existsing companies;
  • inviting them into our infrastructure that provide all faculties that are necessary for development;
  • actively participating in projects' life, providing assistance, pushing them towards leading positions.

We go beyond the boundaries of the classic investment model, providing a firm base for projects to evolve and reach their business targets and creating a high-performance team of like-minded professionals. We give access to free knowledge exchange within the business, key resources, experience and know-hows and an entire network of partners. During the operation, our company works on maintaining all the conditions necessary for professional and personal development of the employees. Our goal is to build successful businesses that explore lucrative and promising markets.


404 Group is a company that designs and develops IT projects. Since 2013, we have successfully implemented monetization services: media agencies, commodity and service exchanges, and advertising networks, and we continue to look for new partners and ideas around the world.

We offer outsourcing development and consulting services:

  1. The creation of complex systems.
  2. Database and data warehouse design.
  3. Mobile and Web development.
  4. Outstaffing: "renting" personnel to complete tasks.
  5. Leading the development process in the customer's team.

How do we work?

We engage effective business models and teams to develop our projects, and we create and meet specific goals. Our company employs professionals who love their work:

  • BackEnd, FrontEnd, and Mobile developers. They speak 9 programming languages.
  • Designers, product specialists, architects, and marketers. They always come up with unique solutions and ideas.
  • Managers. They build and lead the development process with teams of 10 or more developers.

404 Group is not afraid of a challenge: if you need a completely new strategy for your project, we will find it!


Almost every day we are on the lookout for Ruby or PHP developers, sales or marketing specialists and all other sorts of splendid people.

Feel free to browse our current positions at

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